SN9C263 is a USB 2.0 compatible PC Camera controller. The built-in extreme low-power transceiver provides
the superior compatibility with various USB host and the best quality for image applications. It is fully compliant
with USB Video Class. With the integrated sensor interface and color processing engine, it can support most
VGA, SXGA and UXGA CMOS SOC sensors.
SN9C263 integrates 2 voltage regulators for sensor power. One is for sensor’s analog parts. The other one is
for sensor’s core power. These build-in regulators can help saving BOM cost and PCB area.
SN9C263 integrates Clock Synthesizer for performance and power saving. An external crystal is not needed,
so it can help saving BOM cost and PCB area.
SN9C263 is controlled by the embedded micro-controller and the statistics for AF is built-in. The flexible
architecture is consisted of mask ROM, internal RAM and external serial-flash or EEPROM which can store the
customized codes and parameters. It’s also possible to store all the program code in the external flash memory
for customized design purpose. With the highly-integrated firmware architecture and the developing kit provided
by SONiX, it’s easy for 3rd party to integrate a new type of CMOS sensor and GPIO definition for variant board