Sonix Technologyannunced the launch of the latest long-range wireless Frequency HoppingSpreading Spectrum (FHSS) video solution, the SNCC70 series, which is acomplete solution for all types of wireless High Definition (HD) and Full HD(FHD) image transmission applications. SNCC70 series adopts 32bit ARM9 CPUcore, integrates H.264 codec engine, built-in image processing engine ISP(Image Signal Processing), new generation FHSS (Frequency Hopping SpreadingSpectrum) bseband engine, wider Operating temperature range...etc.

 More importantly,Sonix SNCC70 solution is designed to cater for market standards of betteranti-interference, longer transmission range, robustness in various applicationscenes. In addition, seamless, low-lag of video and fast boot/frame rateperformance further strengthen Sonix cores advantages.. The SNCC70 embedded withenhanced image processing engine of distortion correction capability for wide-angleview in day/night vision scenarios. The cutting-edged & effective FHSSfrequency hopping technology provides multi-camera system capability inexceptional   extended wireless transmission range up to 1kilometer in open space which provides better coverage, improved system performanceand stability. The features of SNCC70 series are applicable for the various vehicles(car, truck, RV or fleet management) in most of use cases.

 The SNCC70 series alsointegrates a variety of interfaces including UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, SDIO, MIPIRx, RGB888, RTC, USB device / host, ADC / DAC, Ethernet, TV out ... and so on.The series supports the HD or FHD video streaming to mobile/app or dedicatedTFT screen and flexible On-screen display orientation (Single-, Split-, Quad-and H-) and multi-recording/playback functions. In addition, it also supportsthe standard Analog HD (AHD) camera input goes wireless to local receiver ofLCD screen or standard DVR system. Sonix provides a “turnkey” softwaredevelopment kit (SDK) for customers to shorten development turn around.