The SN9C271A is a USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) compatible PC camera controller. The low power design provides extreme low consumption on device standby, operation and even high performance state. The low thermal design gets the module operating temperature inside platform under reasonable range. The SN9C271A is fully compliant with USB Video Class. The OS systems supported are including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the coming Windows 8.

The new generation image signal processing engine brings sight video experience. The high performance Motion-JPEG compression engine makes variant compression ratio to consider bandwidth requirement well which output MJPG data format. It is also a high performance and high speed transmission engine on YUV un-compression data format. With the integrated sensor interface and color processing engine, it can supports most available CMOS sensors that range from VGA to QXGA. It is controlled by the embedded micro-controller and the statistics for 3A (AE / AWB / AF) are built-in.

To decrease the BOM cost and PCB area, the SN9C271A integrates 2 voltage regulators for sensor power. One is for analog part and the other is for I/O power. Furthermore, the built-in Clock Synthesizer for performance and power saving makes an external crystal is not needed.