Corporate Executives

 Title Name Education & Experience
Chairman Samuel Chen

Education:Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Department, National Tsing Hua University

Experience:Chairman of Sonix Technology

CEO  James Pao

Education:Master of Electronic Engineering Department, National Chiao Tung University

Experience:CEO of Sonix Technology
CTO  Chan Yee Hsiung

Education:Graduate School of New Jersey Institute of Technology

Experience:CTO of Sonix Technology

CSO Daniel Pan

Education:Bachelor of Statistics Department, National Chung Hsin University

Experience:CSO of  Sonix Technolgy

VP of R&D Division P. H. Tung

Education:Master of Optics of Photonics Department, National Central University

Experience:VP of R&D Division, Sonix Technology

VP of Sales DivisionChris Ko

Education:MBA of UniSA

Experience:VP of Sales Division, Sonix Technology

Succession planning and implementation of Company Board of Directors and Management Levels(Chinese)