The SN8P1829 is an 8-bit micro-controller. This chip is utilized with CMOS technology fabrication and featured with low power consumption and high performance by its unique electronic structure. These chips are designed with the excellent IC structure including the large program memory OTP ROM, the massive data memory RAM, one 8-bit basic timer (T0), two 8-bit timer counters (TC0, TC1), high performance of real time clock timer (RTC) , a watchdog timer, up to six interrupt sources (T0, TC0, TC1, SIO, INT0, INT1), an 8-channel ADC converter with 8-bit/12-bit resolution, two channel PWM output (PWM0, PWM1), tw0 channel buzzer output (BZ0, BZ1) ,8-level stack buffers and Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier with fully differential input, Twp sets of Operational Amplifiler and built-in Charge-Pump Regulator (CPR) 3.8V output / 5mA driven current.

Besides, the user can choose desired oscillator configurations for the controller. There are four oscillator configurations to select for generating system clock, including High/Low Speed crystal, ceramic resonator or cost-saving RC. SN8P1800 series also includes an internal RC oscillator for slow mode controlled by programming.