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The Terms & Conditions

Updated Date 2015/01/01
Welcome to the online membership application of “Sonix Technology Co., Ltd. (” (hereinafter “the Site”), the service of the Site is constructed and provided by “Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter “SONiX”). By filling in the member information and clicking on the submit button on the Site, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept these terms and any revisions thereof, and are willing to exercise the rights of consent entitled by law in the form of electronic record, which as the effect of a written consent. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the Site or any services offered by the Site. If you are under 20 years old, then you agree to review these terms with your parent or guardian to make sure that both you and your parent or guardian understand and agree to these terms and revisions thereof before registering and using the Site.

In order to ensure the protection of your personal information, privacy, rights and interests, you should be aware of the following items, in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
1.The name of the non-government agency
Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.
2.Purpose and method of collection
SONiX collects personal information for serving the interests of the members, including but not limited to the following purposes: internal name-list management on members (including identity verification), customer management and service, marketing, statistics, research and analysis, information services, information and database management, trade promotion and management, other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization prospectus.(statutory specific purpose items: no. 052, 090, 040, 157, 135, 136, 123 and 181). SONiX collects personal information by membership registration process.
3.Classification of the personal information
Types of personal information SONiX collects may include:
3.1C001 Type for identifying individuals, including but not limited to: name, address, phone numbers, and email address.
3.2C061 Current status of employment, including but not limited to: employer, company name, job title, character of industry.
4.Time period, area, target and ways in which the personal information may be used
4.1Time period: During the valid period stipulated under the purposes of collection in Article 2.
4.2Area: The personal information will be used by SONiX, SONiX‘s branches/subsidiaries, affiliates, partners in cooperation, and other offices of SONiX that provide relevant services.
4.3Target and way of use: In addition to Article 2, SONiX may use your information for the following according to actual needs:
4.3.1Sending items: SONiX will provide your personal information to the related logistics or mailing services for the purpose of making the delivery. 
4.3.2Marketing: SONiX will use your personal information to do marketing programs with SONiX, SONiX‘s branches/subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners in cooperation.
4.3.3Contacting members: The related departments and employees of SONiX, SONiX‘s branches/subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners in cooperation, including but not limited to customer services, research and development and IT units, may use your personal information to contact you according to actual needs.
4.3.4Providing services: SONiX may use your personal information to provide services, such as web forum services, product downloads (subject to members’ rights), notification of product updates, and answering your inquiries to SONiX.
4.3.5Subscription to e-paper: You can subscribe to SONiX‘s e-paper, and then SONiX will send mails to subscribers when new products are released, other relevant information are publicized or when new articles are issued.
5.Your rights and how to exercise those rights
5.1Rights: You may request a review of the personal information and to make duplications of, supplement or correct, discontinue collection, processing or use of, and delete the personal information as prescribed in the Personal Information Protection Act, provided a fee is payable subject to the payment of reasonable processing fees.
5.2Ways: You can contact SONiX (phone: 886-3-5600-888) to exercise these rights. 
6.You can choose whether to provide your personal information, it will not affect the interests of your membership when you choose not to provide the personal information of the non-required fields. Nevertheless, once you choose not to provide the personal information of the required fields, you would not be allowed to use the services of the Site.
7.SONiX reserves the right to revise these terms. In the event of a change, the revised terms will be posted on the Site beforehand. You are welcome to contact SONiX at 886-3-5600-888 with any inquiries or advices to the collection, processing and use of personal information by SONiX.

The English translation is only for reference, in the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English texts hereof and thereof, the Chinese version shall govern.

Sonix introduced its first integrated circuit product in 1996. Since that time, Sonix has become widely recognized as the world's leading provider of voice controller ICs. Today, Sonix is also a leading developer of innovative IC solutions for an even greater range of applications, including consumer ICs and multimedia ICs.