• .When was Sonix Technology founded?

    Sonix was founded in July, 1996 in Chupei city, Hsin Chu, Taiwan.
  • .What is Sonix’ s core business and products?

    Sonix is a professional fabless IC design company focusing on developing, designing and manufacturi
  • .When does Sonix’s fiscal year end?

    It starts from January 1st and ends on December 31st.
  • .How to find Sonix’s financial information?

    Sonix announces the company’s monthly sales, quarterly results and annual reports on MOPES and the c
  • .When dose Sonix announce its monthly sales?

    Sonix announces its monthly results before the 10th day every month. Investors can search the inform
  • .How to contact Sonix’s transfer agent?

    Sonix’s transfer agent is Yuanta Securities. Address: B1F., No.210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Daton
  • .How to find Sonix’s quote information?

    Please refer to the Yahoo Finance (Taiwan) or Taiwan Stock Exchange website.
  • .When was Sonix listed on TSE and what is its stock ticker?

    Sonix was approved to be listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in July, 2003 and its stock started to trad