The SN8P26042A is a RISC-like high performance and low power consumption 8-bit micro-controller. One clock per instruction cycle (1T) architecture will provide up to 16MIPS computation power. Also, the high EFT (Electrical Fast Transients) protection capability let this device is suitable for high noisy industrial application. The device is designed with the excellent IC structure including the program memory up to 4K-word OTP ROM, data memory of 128-bytes RAM, two 8-bit timer counters (T0, TC1), a watchdog timer, four interrupt sources (T0, TC1, INT0, INT1), one channels PWM output (PWM1), one channels buzzer output (BZ1) and 8-level stack buffers. There are four oscillator configurations to select for generating system clock, including High/Low Speed crystal, ceramic resonator or cost-saving RC. This device also includes an internal low frequency RC oscillator for slow mode controlled by programming.