SN8P2807 is a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller with the 6K-word of the OTP ROM. The SN8P2807 provides the following features: 256 bytes of RAM, a 8-bit basic timer with RTC function (T0), two 16- bit timers/counters (TC0, TC1), a watchdog timer, two PWM outputs (PWM0, PWM1), two Buzzer outputs (BZ0, BZ1), a 12-bit ADC with 8 analog inputs and programmable internal reference voltages, a integrated LCD driver for 4-common x 20-segments and 8-common x 16-segments LCD panel, a 8-level stack register and 6-sources interrupts. In addition, the SN8P2807 is a dual clock system, i.e. high-speed system clock and low-speed system clock. All of the system clock sources are generated from the external oscillator which includes three modules (Crystal/Ceramic, RC and external clock signal). Under the normal mode (High-speed mode), the high-speed clock is for main system frequency and the low-speed clock (32768Hz) is for RTC and LCD functions.