The SNC7001A is a multi-function voice engine, which is based on 16-bit fixed-point DSP architecture. This chip embedded 32K words hi-performance internal program RAM (boot from external flash, only one time after IC reset) and 16K words RAM (8K program RAM “boot from external flash, update anytime by user program” and 8K data RAM). 32K words internal program RAM is used to implement software synthesizer in order to provide various high speed image, voice compression or many different fancy algorithm for users, such as 1.5kbps~32kbps voice compression, 12-CH wave-table melody, voice changer algorithm etc…. Furthermore, the SNC7001A also built-in many interfaces for connecting with external devices, such as USB2.0, SD card, NAND Flash, SPI, I2S, LCM, CMOS sensor etc…, these interfaces can create more advanced application at different areas in the future.