SN93700 series, which is a completed solution for all types of wireless HD (HD), Full HD (FHD) application. The SN93700 series equipped with 32bit ARM9 CPU core, integrated H.264 high profile coding engine, built a new generation of image processing engine ISP (Image Signal Processing) and the new generation of software FHSS baseband engine ... and so on. The new FHSS baseband engine of SN93700 adopted software to avoid interference and eliminate transmission blind spots that can improve the performance and stability effectively, besides that the power consumption of SN93700 is also lower than the previous products with more power saving advantages.The most important thing of wireless video solution is to solve the power supply problem. The usage of battery-power for cameras not only can make products real wireless but also can insure that the cameras still operate smoothly outdoor and long-term usage.

The SN93700 series provide three working modes i.e. WOR (Wakeup On Radio), ECO (Economy) and VOX (Voice Operated Switch) for battery-powered applications. In WOR mode, only use two pieces of standard 18650 lithium battery, the image transmitter can work for up to six months. In normal use, the solution with some advantages including low current when the cameras are standby and support the functions of fast start and remote wireless fast wake up. In ECO mode, the system can control the image transmitter in a zero radiation state to insure home applications’ safety. In VOX mode, the solution uses ambient volume as the trigger of video function that can optimize the power saving function.The SN93700 series also integrates a variety of interfaces including UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, SDIO, MIPI Rx, RGB888, RTC, USB device / host, ADC / DAC, Ethernet, TV out ... and so on. The series also can support the mainstream mobile phone full HD (FHD) display screen, and provide 90 degrees function. With this feature, a device can be vertical screen display into a horizontal screen display that makes the application to be more flexible when users develop end products. Moreover, Sonix Technology provides a simple and easy-to-use development environment and software development kit (SDK) for customers to quickly develop products.

The SN93700 series can be used to develop various applications such as: video baby monitor, wireless video surveillance cameras, wireless video doorbell, video wireless rear camera solutions ... etc.SN93700 provides SONiX latest ISP that significantly improving the image quality. Support multiple kinds of RF chips, CMOS image sensors and video output interface for almost popular LCD panels. Provide splendid graphical OSD and friendly user interface to significantly enhance the user experience. Integrated a high quality mono audio ADC with microphone amplifier, mono audio DAC and USB Host/Device interfaces compliance to USB 2.0 standard and UVC spec.