SN8F29E49 is a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller with the 64K-word of the Flash ROM. The SN8F29E49 provides the following features: 6K bytes of RAM, one 8-bit basic timer (T0) with RTC function, two 16-bit timers/counters (TC0/TC1), a watchdog timer, eleven-sources interrupts (INT0, INT1, T0, TC0, TC1, ADC, UART, UART2, MSP), a in system programming flash ROM function, a 20-bit ADC, a PGIA,12 bit DAC,4 output LED driver,2 OP-Amps, a voltage regulator, a integrated C-Type LCD driver for 4-common * 32-segments LCD panel or 6-common * 30-segments, and 16-level stack register. In addition, the SN8F29E49 is a dual clock system, i.e. high-speed system clock and low-speed system clock. The high-speed system clock source is generated from internal 8MHz high-speed RC oscillator (IHRC 8MHz). The low-speed system clock is generated from on-chip low speed RC oscillator circuit (ILRC 32KHz@3.3V) or external 32768Hz crystal@ IHRC_RTC.