SN8F5848 is an 8-bit architecture microcontroller which compatible with MCS-51 instruction set. It runs at up to 12.1 times faster than the original 8051 at the same frequency. Meanwhile, its advanced semiconductor technology provides a wide range operation voltage, from 1.8 V to 3.6 V, and working temperature between -40°C and 85°C at 32 MHz CPU clock rate.

The microcontroller builds in a 32 KB flash memory (IROM), 256 bytes internal RAM (IRAM) and 3 KB on-chip external RAM (XRAM). A Hardware MDU dramatically improves mathematical operations performance. Furthermore, a 10 input channels 12-bit resolution SAR ADC, Two 12-bit resolution DAC, 4*34 or 6*32 LCD driver (136~192 dots), Two OP-Amps and comparator, One Programmable Gain Instrument Amplifier, One reference voltage Regulator (AVREFH), Three 16-Bit Timer/Counter with Auto reload, PWM Output function, One 8-Bit base Timer for RTC , Communication interfaces (UART*1, SPI*1, I2C*1) to fit in the vast majority of consumer electronics, Pulse Oximeter、Blood Gluscose、Measurement、and Medical Measurement Applications.