The SNC7312 chip is the 32-bit CortexTM M0 processor for multi-media application. It runs up to 96MHz and optimizes ARM CMSIS Standard DSP Library. SNC7312, compare to other M0 processor, it has better audio process ability and is comparable with CMSIS DSP Library provided by ARM.

SNC7312 not only support stereo MP3/WMA/AAC playback, but also provides some advance audio algorithm: voice charger, beat detection…and so on. With ARM integrate development environment, such as Keil and Coocox, user can easily start up their system.

In image process filed, cmos sensor interface and PPU are equipped with SNC7312. PPU helps to 2D picture moving and game design. SNC7312 also support SDRAM interface for motion JPEG recording.

In SNC7312, other peripherals are embedded; including TFT LCD Interface, SPI master/slave interface, SD/MMC controller, SDIO Host, USB2.0 high speed device/Host, audio ADC, Stereo DAC, builded-in amplifer and 6-ch SAR ADC.