SLED1735 series have four types of built-in LED matrix. The chip can drive up to 256 LED lights and 75 RGB LED lights. In the LED matrix of SLED1735 series, each LED has on / off, blinking, breathing light and audio input, automatic synchronization and many other functions. The PWM (pulse width modulation) technology incorporated in the chip can provide 256-level brightness adjustment and it also equipped with 16-level dot correction function. In addition, SLED1735 also supports automatic detection technology and two stage of temperature detectors.

SLED1735 series with the features of multi-channel, constant current and PWM. The SLED1735 provides per channel constant current range from 8mA to 40mA, and the output current channel can be adjusted through the 64-level internal register. The series also supports 2.7V to 5V power supply system and the sink current is up to 320mA per output channel.