Sonix Milestones

2023.12Sonix launched the first true wireless full-duplex 8KHz gaming-specific SNC733XX series solution, which adopts a dual-core architecture to transmit and receive complete mouse packets within an 8KHz cycle, achieving full-duplex performance.
2023.11Sonix launched a long-distance/low power consumption/high bandwidth (4 Mbps) 2.4G FHSS wireless transceiver for wireless video and audio applications. The outdoor wireless transmission distance can reach 800m.
2023.10Sonix developed a professional DDR5 module LED control MCU, tailor-made for I3C transmission specifications, with built-in ARGB function, and was designed in by major DDR5 module manufacturers.
2023.10Sonix launched the first HDR ISP supporting FHD、 HDR 、 TNR @30fps/FHD TNR @60fps, a new generation WinHello model that supports RGB TNR and RGB+IR. It can be applied to Notebook cameras, standalone web cameras and AI image recognition related products.
2022.11 Sonix launched web camera solutions which support to 5M@30fps/FHD@60fps, RGB TNR, RGB-IR, RGB+IR and WinHello, plug-in WinHello face recognition and AI image recognition functions.
2022.11 Sonix M0/8051 MCU all series products granted for UL-60730 certification which enable to improve products' quality and reliability.
2022.06Sonix integrated BLE chips with OID handwriting solutions to enable 60 OID wireless handwriting pens can operate in one classroom simultaneously.
2022.05Sonix introduced Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC) solution, which is equipped with BLDC algorithm and intuitive developing interface to shorten adjusting time and apply to fans, hair dryer, electronic instrument and e-bike. 
2022.03 Sonix launched the new generation dual core 32- bit platform, which is embedded with high speed transmission Interface: USB2.0, SPI, UART,I2C, audio interface I2S and high speed storage interface SD/SDIO, 12-bit SAR, ADC.
 2021.12Sonix launched a new generation of blood glucose measurement IC with hematocrit (HCT) compensation technology,which compensates the blood glucose measurement accuracy level through blood impedance and HCT characteristics, which is more in line with international standards.
 2021.10Sonix launched a single-channel Audio Codec that integrates a high-precision 24-bit ADC and a high-efficiency Class D amplifier with speaker driver.
 2021.09Sonix launched the BLE Bluetooth chips which integrates data transceiver (Tx, Rx), remote wake-up (WOR), Notification,firmware upgrade (FOTA) and other functions for low data volume transmission applications, 
 2021.06Sonix developed a series of high-quality and low-latency Wireless USB Cameras for long-distance video conferencing systems.
 2021.05Sonix launched a new generation of image processors that support RGB TNR with FHD, with  two-channel Audio and new beam forming technology, connecting with directional microphones which  provides an optimized solution.
 2020.12Sonix introduces a new generation of image processor which supports FHD, RGB/IR, RGB+IR, and RGBTNR sensors, improving image noise suppression greatly.
 2020.12Sonix launched Flash base multi-channel voice and music synthesis controller with 16-bit DSP core to support high compression rate algorithm, built-in high-quality low-power Class D sound output, and directly applied to speakers.
 2020.12Sonix launched the medical blood oxygen (SPO2) measurement MCU, which integrated blood oxygen (SPO2) measurement circuit and high-precision 12 bit ADC conversion technology, conformed to the latest medical standards.
 2020.01Sonix launched a long-distance transmission , low-latency and high quality solutions which provides wireless rear view, driving monitoring and safety monitoring systems for aftermarket of RV cars.
 2019.12Sonix launched USB type C Power delivery integrated micro controllers.
 2019.11Sonix introduced a new turnkey back up camera solution SN93511/SN93700 for automotive DVR and low-power wireless solar license plate applications. 
 2019.09Sonix launched the high-end 32-bit dual-core platform SNC7320, adopting the Coretex M3  architecture, which can process different signals synchronously and equipped with  multiple interfaces to support voice recognition and multiple functions.
 2019.05Sonix launched the new generation image processor SN9C2286 which supports up to 16 Mega Pixels sensors.
 2018.12 Sonix introduced a new image processor which is dedicated to ultra-narrow bezel laptop and supports RGBIR sensor for Windows Hello facial recognition function.
 2018.03Sonix launched image processors SN9C2272/2285 which support USB and MIPI interface and Android applications.
2017.11 Sonix launched the SNC86P series equipped with high compression rate algorithm. The solution built-in 16Mbit/8Mbit/4Mbit OTP with 3 times capacity more than traditional ADPCM. Users can use the series to develop long duration voice applications without using external SD, and the series also supports 24ch MIDI channel and 32ch touch keys functions.
2017.10 Aiming for the home security market, Sonix launched the 2.4GHz FHSS wireless 6-channel 1080P battery-powered camera solution. The usage of battery-power for this cameras solution is 5000mAh. In the mixed mode of work and standby the battery life can last half a year that enables customers to adopt real video wireless solutions to reduce the expensive wiring cost.
2017.07 Sonix optimized the OID module into Decoder/Sensor SoC, which is enabling the SNM9S500CE to be expanded into smart toys and more applications.
2017.06 Sonix introduced a high-performance DSP platform SNC7648S, which built in 49MIPS CPU and supported 5V voltage. The platform integrates high capacity RAM and LDO and supports 32ch MIDI with 8080 display. It’s the best solution for educational toys and IoT devices.
2017.06 Sonix launched the full range of 8051 high integration medical solutions SN8F5900 series which used new AC measurement technology, built-in high-precision analog digital converter, amplifier, display, etc., can greatly reduce the number of peripheral components for blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, body fat scale applications.
2017.05 Sonix introduced a reduced structure image processor SN9C268 built in programmable memory (OTP) which is enable customers to reduce overall component cost and increase competitiveness.
2017.03Sonix launched the image processor SN9C2750 which is specific for ultra-narrow bezel notebook application. The chip is equipped with software and hardware noise-reduction capability to eliminate noise.
2016.05Sonix introduced the SN32F08 series of 5-channel Voice / MIDI Engine, which is designed for long seconds voice / MIDI applications. Voice and music data can be stored in the SPI and the platform can be used as a Flash Base product. The series is the best choice for voice / MIDI solutions.


Sonix launched its 1st LED driver SLED 1735 series,designed specifically for LED matrix with the features of multi-channel, constant current and PWM.


Sonix introduced a new series of 32bit Cortex M0 and DSP dual core controllers with Wi-Fi connect function for drone applications.


Sonix introduced a series of Near Field Communication( NFC)chips which can connect and interact with mobile devices for development a variety of applications, such as identity recognition, commercial advertising…etc.


Sonix launched a new series of 8 bit flash type MCU embedded with high precision 20 bit Delta-Sigma ADC.


Sonix introduced a long distance Wi-Fi H.264 FHD surveillance video solutions which can support up to 4 Cameras for DIY market.。


Sonix launched the 3rd generation OID chipsets which with up to 260 million index and support handwriting function.


Sonix announced the first Wi-Fi wireless parking/rear cameras for car application.


Sonix introduced the first IP Camera SOC platform SN98600 which equipped with MIPI and TV/LCD OUT/SD Card interface and embedded ISP and H.264/MJPEG, support Full HD muti-streaming function.


Sonix announced its new Cortex M0 32bit controller embedded with high precision ADC, touch key,,voice function, also with high EFT, ESD function.


Sonix announced HD Web camera chip with H.264 compression engine to reach Skype HD video Quality, for TV Camera and IP cam application.


Sonix launched a series of analog front end(AFE) chips for high integraion CCTV surveillance application.


Sonix announced a new series of 2.4G wireless video compression and transmission chipsets which support 4T to 1R image/audio and command transmission for home care, wireless surveillance and doorbell applcations.


Sonix set up Sonix Japan branch for Japan market developments and customer services.


Sonix introduced new voice controllers with cap sensing touch interface.


Sonix launched whole series of 8 bit flash type MCUs with high EFT and on line ICE function.


Sonix introduced the new generation video decoder chips with high performance and low power consumption features for surveillance products.


Sonix announced 2.4G RF wireless chips for wireless headsets, micro phone and game consoles.


Sonix introduced its first flash type8 bit MCUs with USB interface for PC peripherals.


Sonix launched a new series of CCD video decoders with high performance and low power consumption features for surveillance product applications.


Sonix is granted for ISO14001 certification.


Sonix announced new series of USB2.0 High frame rate web camera solutions.


Sonix is granted for IECQ QC 080000 certification.


Sonix introduced a series of USB full speed 8bit MCUs for PC peripherals.


Sonix announced a series of mono high fidelity voice controllers built up with 12 bits Analog Digital Converters.。


Sonix announced new series of UVC/UAC USB2.0 web cameras.


Sonix launched OID2 chipsets with 65000 index codes.


Sonix set up two subsidies in Shen Zhen and Cheng Du for sales marketing

and FAE supports in China.


Sonix is granted for ISO9001 certification.


Sonix introduced a series of 16-bitA/D 8 bit MCUs for health care products.


Sonix is listed on the main board of Taiwan Stock Exchange.


Sonix launched Dual Mode web camera controllers.


Soinx is granted the top 1 of Tech top 200 companies by global view magazine.


Soinx is listed over the counter market.


Sonix’s voice controllers shipped 100 million pieces setting record high.


Soinx announced its first 8 bit OTP MCU.


Soinx introduced『Green Voice』voice controllers.


Soinx introduced its 4channels voice controllers.


Soinx announced its first voice controller with 340 seconds with voice and melody features.


Sonix established in Hsinchu, Taiwan with paid in capital NT$22million.