SNLED27341 series has one type of built-in LED matrix. The chip can drive up to 192 LED lights and 64 RGB LED lights. In the LED matrix of SNLED27341 series, each LED has on / off, scan channel adjustment, and the integrated PWM (pulse width modulation) technology in the chip can provide 256 levels of brightness adjustment. In addition, SNLED27341 also supports automatic detection technology and two-stage of temperature detectors.

SNLED27341 series is multi-channel, constant current and built-in PWM LED driver. The series provides per channel constant current range from 0mA to 40mA, and the driving current channel can be adjusted through the 256-level internal register. SNLED27341 series also supports 2.7V to 5V power supply system and the sink current is up to 640mA per output channel.