The SNC85F E/A/D 24MHz 16-bit RISC controller series is embedded Flash controller with multi-channel 2/8~24 hardware Voice/MIDI Wave Processing Unit (WPU). In addition to having multi-channel hardware channels, two software high quality voice channels with SONiX HQDPCM/Audio32 algorithm is provided.

Key peripherals include a single high quality 13bit DPWM audio output, Max.31-channel comparator for cap sensing touch, three external interrupts, Max. 31ch PWMIOs, serial peripheral interface (SPI0&SPI1),IIC TX/RX, UART TX/RX, and three 12-bit timers. The device features provide idle mode for real-time clock (RTC) applications and sleep mode for power savings.

The SNC85F contains a Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for power management usage. The status of internal or external power can be detected and reported to the management software. There is a Low Voltage Reset (LVR) function provided to keep the whole system from losing data when voltage drops to a low level.