The SNHS01 is a highly-integrated USB audio processor with two 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 cores in symmetric dual-core architecture. The two cores operate at a frequency of up to 96 MHz individually. Standard peripherals of the SNHS01 include SAR ADC, USB device, SPI flash control, CT32B, and GPIO.
For audio functionality, the SNHS01 features a 16-bit or 24-bit Sigma Delta ADC and a 16/24 bit Sigma Delta DAC. The Sigma Delta ADC provides high-quality audio at numerous sample rates. The Sigma Delta DAC integrates a 16 ohm headphone driver delivering 200 mW of power and provides up to two audio output channels. With the 100 dB SNR performance, the ADC and DAC allow for precise analog signal detection and generation.
Sonix offers ready-to-use code for the USB headset application development, a USB Headset tool for equalizer (EQ) configuration, and a Livestream Box tool for sidetone and voice prompt control.