Sonix Board of Directors Approved the Financial Results of 2018 and proposed distribution of cash dividend

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 20th, 2019- Sonix Technology Company Ltd., (Sonix, TAIEX: 5471) today held the meeting of the Board of Directors, at which the Board approved the financial results for 2018. Net Sales of Sonix for 2018 totaled NT$3,158 million, Gross profit NT$1,218 million, Operating Income NT$283 million and Net Income were NT$338 million with earnings per share of NT$2.02.

The Board of directors also proposed the distribution of dividend for 2018 which includes NT$1.48 cash dividend per share and NT$0.6 from legal surplus reserve, employees’ remuneration NT$69,250,000 and NT$6,500,000 for Board of directors and supervisors.

The annual shareholders’ meeting of 2019 will be held on June 14th at Taiyuan Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan. The meeting notice will be sent to shareholders before 30 days ahead of the meeting.

 Sonix Technology 2018 Financial Results                              

                                                                                      NT$ thousand

Year     2017    2016    YoY
Net Sales  3,157,5553,341,280  
Gross Profit 1,217,685
1,278,546   -4.8%
Operating Income     282,671   293,063   -3.5%
Income Before Tax     402,214    299,388    34.3%
Net Income     338,672     237,206     42.8%
*EPS (NT$)          2.02         1.41 -

*EPS (after tax) are based on the outstanding shares