Sonix Launched the new highly integrated ultra-micro Optical Identification (OID) module

Sonix Technology announced to launch a new generation of highly integrated ultra-micro Optical Identification (OID) module, the SNM9S5xxxC2100A series. The new modules are extremely tiny and thin (total length only 5.85mm, diameter 7.5mm, weight less than 2.5 grams), and serve as a precise input device with a dot reading angle range of 90 ± 40 degrees. It enables customers to develop applications free of the limitations of module size and can be applied to a variety of different mechanism designs for wider application.

The OID chipset is a combination of optical principles, special coding, and printing technologies. The new generation of OID module adopts a system on chip (SoC) design. The architecture integrates an embedded CMOS sensor, an OID image decoder, and an optical lens. The new design reduces the module diameter by 50% of the previous generation’s size, releasing more space providing more flexibility for use. The SNM9S5xxxC2100A series supports up to 70 trillion code indexes as well as X/Y coordinates for tracking movements as in digital handwriting. It is compatible with different levels of OID back-end chips, allowing customers to upgrade their products easily and quickly by integrating the new module. It also can reduce the complexity of system design, saving costs and accelerating time to market. The SNM9S5xxxC2100A series also has the advantage of low power consumption. The standby power consumption is as low as 15 uA that extends battery life and meets environmental requirements.

There are many advantages to adopt the ultra-miniatureSNM9S5xxxC2100A series for various OID applications, such as the most popular readingpen with voice function. The cost of the new OID moduleis more competitive and due to its reduced size, the module can be integratedinto different applications without limitations of affecting the appearance ofproducts such as, toys, robots, game consoles and electronic devices. Especiallyfor the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Art, Math) education trend, the seriescan play a crucial role as the key components to enable makers to pursue creativeand innovative products. In non-educationalapplications such as home appliances, medical equipment, remote controls,security detection, anti-counterfeiting detection, etc., the miniaturized OID moduleis smaller in size, and can be within a closed design for dust-proof capabilities. 

About Sonix OID Chipset

OID technology combines optical principle with special coding and printing technology to identify multiple sets of index codes. Using optical principles and special invisible codes, the traditional paper materials were instantly digitized into digital content. Children simply touched the pictures on the book with an “OID talking pen” that in turn triggers sounds, translate/repeat words/phrases for interactive reading, or enhanced educational experiences. Since its launch, it has received great compliments from millions of users over the world. Applications of OID chipsets are not only in education, but also in entertainment, home appliances, and robotics. Combined with Sonix's MCU, the SNM9S5xxxC2100A series is designed to bring maximum benefits for customer product designs.

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