Sonix Introduces the New Long-Range Wireless Frequency Hopping (FHSS) Video Solution SNCC70 series for Vehicle Surveillance Market

In recent years, the awareness of driving safety has risen, and countries around the world have successively enacted regulations to list automobile security cameras as a mandatory installation project to protect the car from various malicious activities. Various types of vehicles have begun to be installed, such as: rear cameras, vehicle surveillance systems, dash cameras… etc. The demand for equipment is gradually increasing, among which wireless video products are more popular for their easy installation. In order to meet the application of wireless vehicle surveillance system in various environments, performance indicators such as wireless distance transmission, penetration capability, anti-interference ability and image fluency have attracted much attention.

Sonix Technology announced the launch of the latest long-range wireless Frequency Hopping Spreading Spectrum (FHSS) video solution, the SNCC70 series, which is a complete solution for all types of wireless High Definition (HD) and Full HD (FHD) image transmission applications. SNCC70 series adopts 32bit ARM9 CPU core, integrates H.264 codec engine, built-in image processing engine ISP (Image Signal Processing), new generation FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spreading Spectrum) baseband engine, wider Operating temperature range...etc.

More importantly, Sonix SNCC70 solution is designed to cater for market standards of better anti-interference, longer transmission range, and robustness in various application scenes. In addition, seamless, low-lag of video and fast boot/frame rate performance further strengthen Sonix cores advantages. The SNCC70 embedded with enhanced image processing engine of distortion correction capability for wide-angle view in day/night vision scenarios. The cutting-edged & effective FHSS frequency hopping technology provides multi-camera system capability in exceptional extended wireless transmission range up to 1 kilometer in open space which provides better coverage, improved system performance and stability. The features of SNCC70 series are applicable for the various vehicles (car, truck, RV or fleet management) in most of use cases.

The SNCC70 series also integrates a variety of interfaces including UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, SDIO, MIPI Rx, RGB888, RTC, USB device / host, ADC / DAC, Ethernet, TV out ... and so on. The series supports the HD or FHD video streaming to mobile/app or dedicated TFT screen and flexible On-screen display orientation (Single-, Split-, Quad- and H-) and multi-recording/playback functions. In addition, it also supports the standard Analog HD (AHD) camera input goes wireless to local receiver of LCD screen or standard DVR system. Sonix provides a “turnkey” software development kit (SDK) for customers to shorten development turn around.

Sonix is proud to be acknowledged of many outstanding solutions equipped with the SNCC70 series in the coming AAPEX/SEMA (the most famous automotive aftermarket exhibition) in Las Vega, USA. The SNCC70 series brings to consumers not only the most convenient, safe and secure experience but also better user experience, easy installation, excellent image quality, long-distance transmission and anti-interference advantages.

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