Sonix Launched the SN32F600 series USB PD controller

In response to the fast increasing penetration rate of Type-C interface and the high demand for USB PD chips, Sonix announced the release of a new USB PD solution SN32F600 series. The series equipped with ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit CPU which offered higher design flexibility and faster operating speed than 8051 MCUs. With high charging efficiency and highly integrated Type-C PD components, the SN32F600 series is the best solution for the huge Type-C market.

The SN32F600 series combined with the built-in Flash ROM which can meet requirements for firmware update and reduce customers’ inventory and production risks. The series equipped with high-precision 12-bit SAR ADC for current and voltage sensing. It not only providing high-precision voltage and current output but also offering various protection mechanisms including Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection.

The SN32F600 series also equipped with high-accuracy temperature sensor (+/- 3 degrees Celsius), which can provide the MCU system with real-time adjustment and protection against overheating environment, and built-in 140 degree Celsius thermal reset circuit to ensure AC Adapter circuit board safety, built-in high-precision 12-bit SAR ADC for current and voltage sensing; built-in High Voltage Regulator and support a wide range of input voltage 3V ~ 24.5V, that can save the cost of external step-down LDO components, built-in Shunt Regulator, supports Constant Voltage and Constant Current Mode, and can complete Flyback feedback circuit through optocoupler to primary side. With the high-precision 11-bit DAC IP, it offered a wide range of output voltage modulation with three precision settings of 10mV, 14.6mV, and 20mV. The output voltage range is from 3V to 21V, and it combined NMOS Gate Driver and current sense amplifier. All of these features integrated into the chip which ensured the solution with complete security protection mechanism.

Apart from its functionality, charging efficiency and heat dissipation are more important for USB PD controllers. The SN32F600 is more precise in adjusting current and voltage in terms of improving efficiency. The constant current output is set to 3mA, which is the highest adjustment accuracy solution in the market. In addition to power efficiency, it also can reflect the charging status precisely. In terms of compatibility, the series with built-in analog CC-PHY and digital BMC engine which are certified by the Power Delivery specification and the Qualcomm-compliant fast charge protocol circuit. Currently, the SN32F600 has been obtained USB-IF PD3.0 with PPS (Programmable Power Supply) certification, QC4.0 + Logo certification and Silver grade certificate for compatibility verification with third-party certification. Pass all of these specifications and qualification allowed users to shorten the lead time to develop new products with the SN32F600 to market.

In addition to the safety protection of fast charging sources, excellent functional characteristics and good compatibility, the SN32F600 is also with highly integration. The Type-C IO is all designed for high voltage 30V, and can be directly connected to the Type-C interface without TVS protection components and noise filter circuit; Shunt Regulator compensation circuit only needs to use three capacitors to pass the stringent power characteristic test requirements of PD3.0 with PPS; the Current Sensing Amplifier circuit can be connected to a 5m ohm detection resistor directly no need to utilize an external low-pass filter circuit; the NMOS Gate Driver only needs to connect a 1M ohm resistor, and no need an external snubber suppression circuit. The highly optimized design can help customers save BOM costs and minimize PCB size.

The SN32F600 series USB type-C PD solution has high charging efficiency, complete safety protection mechanism and highly integration. Combined with all these advantages and compatibility with USB protocol specifications, the SN32F600 series is the best product on the market for power charging.

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