Sonix Reports Earnings of the Third Quarter & 1Q to 3Q of 2020

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 6th, 2020- Sonix Technology Company Ltd., (Sonix, TAIEX: 5471) today announced the 3rd quarter and 1Q to 3Q results for 2020. In the third quarter, consolidated net sales of Sonix totaled NT$1,530 million and gross profit were NT$616 million. Operating income were NT$345 million. Net income were NT$290 million and earnings per share (after tax) were NT$1.73. The consolidated net sales of 1Q to 3Q were NT$3,856 million, net income were NT$766 million and earnings per share (after tax) were NT$4.56.

 Sonix Technology 3Q and 1Q to 3Q Financial Results of 2020       

                                                                            NT$ :Thousand               

Year   3Q 2020  1Q to 3Q 2020
 Net Sales   1,530,287    3,855,530
Gross Profit   
  616,279    1,666,552
Operating Income   345,075     886,309
Income before Tax  352,987     893,710
Net Income  290,001     766,274
*EPS    1.73        4.56

*EPS (after tax) are based on the outstanding shares of 3Q 2020.