Sonix Introduces a New series of Extremely Low Power Consumption and High Performance 32 bit MCU powered by ARM Cortex M0 processor

Sonix Technology, the leading company of MCU, is delighted
to announce its step into the 32-bit segment with the launch
of a new 32-bit MCU series, SN32F700, based on the ARM
Cortex™-M0 core. With the lowest power consumption ever
achieved in the industry and excellent capability to anti-
interference and ESD, these new 32-bit flash-type micro
controllers are equipped with a variety of analog and mix
signal devices, multiple high speed communication interfaces
which can satisfy customers’ need in low power consumption
and high performance.

The first 32 Bit MCU of Sonix, SN32F700 series, include
features such as a high operating speed of 50MHz (45 DMIPS),
an operating voltage range of 1.8V~3.6V, an industrial
temperature range of -40℃~85℃, built-in flash memory of
32KB, and an endurance of ROM for 20,000 times, offering
customers a wide flexibility to develop new applications.
The devices contain an 10-channel 12 bit A/D converter and
a high precision 12MHz IHRC. All series of products are
packaged with LQFP 48 or QFN 46 and contain up to 43 GPIO.
Additionally, the series integrate high speed communication
interfaces including SPI, I2C, I2S, UART…, etc., which offer
wide range of applications for customers.

Two critical features of SN32F00 are the extremely low power
consumption and high reliability of anti-interference. The
series have passed anti-interference tests of EFT/ ESD rate
at 4KV which is far beyond the industrial’s standard of 1KV.
In terms of power consumption, the current of deep-power-
down mode of SN32F700 series is only 150nA which is far
lower than the lowest current of 250nA in industry. It’s a
trend to pursue reducing power consumption for saving
energies. The series of SN32F700 is the best choice for
customers to develop digital home appliances, personal
health care products, industrial automation control systems,
handheld devices products…, etc.

The series of SN32F700 provide embedded ICE and developing
tools for customers. By using the ISP (In-System
Programming) integrated functions, users can upgrade and
implement software on-line to shorten time-to -market and
enhance efficiency and flexibility of product development.
Those comprehensive functions and full-featured tools of
SN32F700 also ensure the best quality of products and high
competitive advantages.