Compensation and Benefits

Sonix continually works at creating a positive, encourage-filled environment where opportunities exist for employees to explore their potential and be well rewarded for their contributions to the success of the company. In addition to standard forms of compensation, Sonix offers employees a well-rounded benefits program designed to encourage day-to-day contributions that will continue to make Sonix a leader in the semiconductor industry.

Salary Structure
Salaries are determined by education and work experience. Bonuses are given Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn and Year-End bonuses. Performance-based and Profit-sharing bonuses. Stock options. Salary raises are approved once yearly.

Insurance/Group Policies 
National Health Insurance, Social Security, Group Insurance, Free Periodic Health Check-ups. Group Insurance covers all family members and spans Life Insurance, Serious Medical Insurance, Accident Insurance, Hospital Stay Coverage, Unexpected Health Care Coverage, and Cancer Insurance.

Group Activities
Sonix takes an active role in ensuring all employees are fit both mentally and physcially. The company supports group activities by providing a quarterly stipend of NT$5,000 to all groups/group activities organized and managed by individuals within the organization. Current group-based activities include: badminton, golf, table-tennis, aerobics, and many, many more.

Corporate Culture
The most important asset within the Sonix organization is the individual. Sonix's success is built on the intellectual creativity and hard work of individuals. Open communication, open to ideas and opinions.

Other Benefits
Domestic and International travel assistance, monthly birthday party celebration, birthday gift certificates, standard holiday gift certificates, marriage gift, patent bonuses, business referral bonuses, paternal leave, year-end dinner party with giveaway, and the Sonix Cup.