Quality Vision

  Being a global leader in consumer IC design, SONiX strives to enhance the product & service quality based on our authentic development and engineering capability. We deeply believed that the affirmatory voice of product and service from our customer is the synergy of integrating the quality process units of planning, design/development, manufacturing, sells and service.

    We not only advocated the principle of “Quality is everyone's responsibility” within the company, and furthermore we upgrade the traditional inspection in product quality to human resource quality to enhance the quality of service management concepts, so that everyone can be  esponsible for the quality of their own job.  

    Therefore, SONiX in addition to focusing on product research and other related core work, hopes that through collaboration with suppliers, supplier management to strengthen the effectiveness of the quality, balance the quality cost and enhance the efficiency of customer service and satisfaction. Our quality vision is “To create win-win with our customers & suppliers by establishing the supply chain partnership”.