Quality System

A validated quality management system can help our customer to understand our products and services, and also meets customers’ demands. It also shows our commitments on quality and customer satisfaction to customer. SONiX will perform the following related quality system activities to enhance internal working flow and overall quality system efficiency.

Key Performance indicator
Key performance indicator helps manager level to have holistic view on company business status, issue and effect. SONiX follows the assignment and policy from the top management to set up the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) annually. For those people who fail to meet the KPIs, we will analyze the cause of failure and also provide the mitigation action plan on the semiannual review meeting. The review meeting can help to focus internal resource on related core operations.

Document and Record Control
Those documents for quality/environment management system, including quality/environment records, should be recorded and controlled. All departments should follow the manual, procedure or regulation in working instruction to maintain the related records as effective evidence for quality/environment management system. The records (including electronic information) should remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable.

Abnormal Handling
The purpose of abnormal handling is to ensure those nonconformity products/environment or related activities are identified and controlled to prevent those are being unintended use or delivered and/or mitigate any environmental impacts. For those abnormal, responsible department should have the proper corrective and preventive plan for continual improvement.

Internal Audit
QMD performs the quality/environment internal audit periodically to ensure the system is effectively implemented and maintained. The supervisor of the department that being audited should have corrective and preventive action for eliminating detected nonconformities and their causes.

Corrective and Preventative Action
In order to ensure the quality/environment management system works properly, QMD will investigate and analyze the root cause for those abnormal situations (including customer complaint, supplier/product/process/those do not meet SONiX quality/environment management regulation) and look for the corrective plan to prevent it (or related) being happened again. SONiX follows “8-Disciplines Report” as our formal corrective and preventive action steps.

Management Review
The management review annually to ensure quality/environment management system can be kept on working suitability and effectiveness. Any time other than annual review, if there is any quality/environment system concern or system operating changed due to reorganization, a temporary management review meeting will be held to solve the concern.

Continual improvement
Through the quality/environment policy, quality/environment goal, audit result, data analysis, corrective and preventive actions and management review,  the system can continue to effectively monitor the problem and formulate improvement measures to improve the quality/environment-related issues, and then enhance quality and customer satisfaction of the products.