Green Products

Green Products

     Global awareness on environmental protection is increasing. As a result, consumers are concerned and supporting the concept of environmental protection and energy saving products all over the world.
     SONiX embraces this trend by designing products based upon the various national requirements and regulations for these green products.

     SONiX is dedicated to environmental protection and is aggressively developing hazardous substance free of green products. Our dedication to utilizing environment-friendly materials and processes of lead-free packaging results in products that reduce the impact on the environment and fulfill social responsibilities.

     Now SONiX’s green products are processed with lead-free/halogen free materials and pass through reliability test procedure to verify these, to ensure SONiX’s green products comply with customers and market request.

SONiX classifies its Green Products by two levels: Pb-Free and Green

These two levels are classified as follows
Classified by selected materials and processes:
The definitions of Pb-Free and Green standard:

  • Pb-Free standard : Non- Haglogen free compound with lead-free processes
  • Green standard : Haglogen free compound with lead-free processes