Supplier Management

There are three phases of Sonix supplier management system. The three phases are from new supplier survey and then qualified supplier to supplier disqualify.

New supplier survey
New supplier should progress following review before mass production, in order to make sure that supplier can meet Sonix quality, cost, delivery, and environment requirement.

  • Profile Review
  • Capacity Review
  • Cost/Delivery Review
  • Monitor Gate Review
  • New Supplier Audit
  • Engineering Evaluation
  • Reliability Qualification

Qualified Supplier
After meeting Sonix’s requirement and Sonix validation, the supplier will add into approval supplier list (ASL) for mass production. For the approved suppliers, Sonix will progress following management.

  • ASL Management
  • Quality Goal
  • Regular Audit & Rating
  • Quality Review Meeting
  • Change Management
  • Non-conformance Management
  • Continually Improvement

Supplier Disqualify

When the supplier can not meet Sonix’s requirement, the supplier will remove from ASL after internal review.