Product Reliability

Product Reliability Description
Reliability definition : Probability that an item will perform its required function under stated environment for a stated period of time.

During product development-phase, pre-mass production, product monitor, or engineering process change, reliability test schedule could be planed. Now, test activities refer to the international standard that it is usually used in industry such as MIL, JEDEC,…etc. Based on the sampling inspection table such as LTPD,…etc, reliability test takes the experimental samples to perform the reliability test items. Reliability plays the key index in the competition of product.

Product Reliability Qualification
ESD/Latch up Test
     • HBM
     • MM
     • Latch up
Life Test Reliability
     • High Temp. Operating Life (HTOL)
Environmental Test Reliability
     • High Temperature Storage (HTS)
     • Temperature Cycling (TC)
     • Accelerated Moisture Resistance-Unbiased HAST(UHAST)
Assembly Test Reliability
     • Precondition (MSL3_Accelerated)
     • Solderability
     • Lead Integrity
     • Solder Iron