OID Application

Sonix is the inventor of the Optical Identification Device (OID) and optical recognition system technology and a leading provider owning many patents worldwide. 

The Sonix SN95300FG Optical Identification Device utilizes optics to read unique invisible [micro-sized] dot patterns printed on almost any traditional paper stock. The data read from the printed codes by an OID is transferred to a computer, smart device, or self-contained digital content controller allowing printed material to interact with sound, animations, or control. Pointing an OID at words/sentences/pictures on a page in a book can trigger sounds or translate/repeat words/phrases for interactive reading or enhanced educational experiences. The Sonix OID can be utilized as an innovative real time input control device supporting digital handwriting applications. Notes taken on paper are digitally saved as they are written or could be projected from a PC. Handwriting recognition aiding students in the skills of written letters or drawing shapes. The Sonix SN95300FG OID provides the most advanced solution to date for digital video learning, digital content reading, and digital handwriting applications.