SN9C292A is a USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) compatible PC Camera controller. The superior image signal processing engine brings sight video experience. The high performance Motion-JPEG / h.264 compression engine makes variant compression ratio to satisfy bandwidth requirement. SN9C292A is compliant with USB Video Class and Audio Class. With the integrated sensor interface and color processing engine, it can support most available CMOS sensors that range from VGA to 3MP. SN9C292A is controlled by the embedded micro-controller, and the statistics for 3A (AE / AWB / AF) are built-in. The flexible architecture is consisted of mask ROM, internal RAM and external serial-flash which can store the customized codes and parameters. With the highly-integrated firmware architecture and the developing kit provided by SONiX, it’s easy for 3rd party to fulfill customized features.