BLDC Motor and Home Appliance Application

To pursuit energy efficiency, it’s extremely important to develop low power consumption and high performance motor for industrial and home appliance. To satisfy the demands the leader of Microcontroller company, Sonix, launched a new series of MCU SN8P2723 which is dedicated for Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and home appliances applications. The main features of SN8P2723 series are built-in 3 sets of external interrupt function, 5 sets timers, 12-channel high precision 12-bit SAR ADC…etc.,, also with excellent capability to anti-interference and ESD.

Compared with the other series of Sonix 8 bit MCUs, SN8P2723 series with more unique and outstanding features include 3 individual sets of 8~32-bit asynchronous High Speed PWM Generator and support up to 6-channel PWM output. It can easily define cycle and duty through registers. The highest speed of cycle is up to 8MHz, and the highest resolution of duty is up to 32-bit. These series also provide a wide range parameter setting for variety applications. Combined with internal interrupt and high precision SAR ADC, the function of PWM is applied to Brush Less Direct Current Motor (BLDC Motor) for Hall-sensor and sensor less applications. The series of SN8P2723 equip with high precision 2.5V power source which can internally feedback to 12-bit SAR ADC. These advantages enable the chip monitor power supply without extra external device that can reduce application circuit cost effectively. The whole series of SN8P2723 are packaged with DIP20 and SOP20.

In terms of development environment, SN8P2723 series incorporate 2KW (2048*16-bit) OTP ROM and build in whole new encryption to protect customers’ firmware and intellectual property. Sonix also provides specific development kits for SN8P2723 series to help customers shorten lead time.

Considering energy efficiency and performance, SN8P2723 series with features of high performance and reliability are the best choice for customers for BLDC motor and home appliance products.