Support Full Speed USB 2.0 Cortex™ M0 Micro-Controller

SN32F240 which support a wide range operating voltage and full speed USB 2.0. The series of SN32F240 have excellent capability to anti-interference and ESD, low power consumption, also equipped with USB interface which enables customers to reduce external USB circuits design on PCB saving more cost. The series build up a variety of analog and mixed-signal devices, multiple high speed communication interfaces which can satisfy customers’ needs for PC peripherals, smart home appliances, health care devices and industrial control devices applications.

The new SN32F240 series is based on the ARM Cortex™-M0 core with high operating speed of 50MHz (45 DMIPS) and wide range of operating voltage from 1.8V~5.5V. The series equipped with USB hardware floating-detection function which can support dual mode of battery and USB usage. The series built in flash memory from 16KB to 64 KB that enable customers more flexibility to develop products. The other major features include: equipped with 14 channels 12-bit ADC, 4x32 LCD driver and built-in high precision 12MHz IHRC, USB supports ISO/INT/BULK functions for audio application design. All series of SN32F240 are packaged with LQFP80, LQFP64, QFP48, QFN46 and QFN33. Besides that the series integrate high speed communication interfaces including SPI, I2C, I2S, UART… etc. Additionally, the SN32F240 incorporate with a new feature of PFPA (Peripheral Function Pin Assignment) which empowers customers more flexibility to assign the pin-outs of different functions.

Another important feature of SN32F240 is low power consumption, the lowest current of Deep Power Down mode only 150nA. It can support all IO wakeup. The low power design and high integrated design of SN32F240 is the best choice for customers to utilize for new products applications.

In terms of development kits, the series of SN32F100 provide embedded ICE and developing tools for customers. By using the ISP (In-System Programming) integrated functions, users can upgrade and implement software on-line to shorten time-to -market and enhance efficiency