Corporate Governance

      Major Internal Policies

- Articles of Incorporation
- Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal Assets  
- Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties 
- Procedures for Endorsement & Guarantee 
- Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading 
- Procedures for IPO Suspend

- Corporate Governance Practice Principles
- Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles
- Impeachment Policy
- Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
- Codes of Ethical Conduct
- Procedures for Ethical Management & Guidelines for Conduct

- Implementation of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles

-Rules Governing Financial and Business Matters Between this Corporation and its Affiliated Enterprises

Board of Directors(Chinese)
- Majors Resolutions of Board Meetings
- Procedures for Election of Directors
- Rules & Procedures of Board of Director Meetings
- Board of directors"Self-evaluation of performance"
 -Directors  Election

Independent Director(Chinese)
- Election of Independent Directors
- Independent Directors Communication with Internal Auditor and CPA

Internal Audit(Chinese)

-Internal Audit Organization and Operations


- Remuneration Committee Charter

- Remuneration Committee

- Audit Committee Charter

- Audit Committee

-Corporate Governance Officer

Rules & Procedures of Shareholders Meeting(Chinese)
- Rules & Procedures of Shareholders Meeting

Information Security
- Information Security Risk & Response Measure

Intellectual Property(Chinese)
- Intellectual Property Management Plan