About Microcontrollers

Sonix have entered the field of 32-bit, and offers customers the best choice for powerful, efficiency, superior solution. Currently Sonix microcontrollers are widely used in computer peripherals, communication products, remote controller, intelligent charging, home appliances, car alarm systems, security systems, electronic scales, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, tire gauges and health equipment.

    Part No Operating Voltage ROM Density ROM ISP RAM Stack System Clock - ?T System Clock - X`tal System Clock - IHOSC System Clock - ILOSC I/O - GPIO I/O - Wake-up Interrupt - Internal Interrupt - External Timer - 8-bit Timer - 16-bit Timer - RTC Timer - Capture PWM - Resolution PWM - Ch Buzzer ADC - Resolution ADC - Ch DAC - Ch Op-Amp Comparator Int Ref Charge-Pump Regulator SPI/SIO set I2C/MSP - set UART - Format UART - set LCD - Dots LCD - Bias USB PS2 Operating Temperature Package Other Features CAN SDIO Ethernet LCM
    SN8P2501B 2.4V~5.5V 1K-OTP 48 4 1T 32K~16M 16M 32K 12 6 2 1 2 Y 8-bit 1 1 -20~85