• .If MCU input pin is used to detect 110V or 220/230V AC signal over zero (Zero Crossing), how much external resistor should be connected so that will not cause IC damage?

      For AC LINE directly connected to the IC's IO Port, the main consideration is the surge from the AC LINE voltage and high frequency noise on the IC IO Port, which may cause over-current and over voltage damage. In 110 V applications, the proposed cascade resistor is 2M ohm. At 220/230 V applications, the proposed cascade resistor is 4M ~ 5M ohm. When using SMD components, because of its 200V voltage value, it must be connected with two 2M ~ 2.5M resistors in series.
    • .What is the VDD rise time limitation when MCU Power On?

      In order to make fully successful for MCU Power On Reset, the proposed Power On VDD rise time should be less than 20ms. When the battery is gradually discharged, the battery internal resistance increases, which will result in VDD rising slow and affect reset. The reference VDD rising rate in Datasheet should be not less than 0.05v/ms.

    • .How much current can SONIX-ICE internal VCC provide? What is the maximum output current for I/O port?

      Simulator can provide approximately 600mA current from VCC. The total I/O output current is at around 300mA.

    • .Should Sonix IC substrate be connected to VSS or VDD? What effect would it take if not connect?

      Sonix IC substrate should be connected to VSS, or IC performance will be affected greatly.

    • .What is the lowest operating voltage for SONIX MCU? What factors may affect the lowest operating voltage?

      1. Sonix 8-Bit MCU is variety, and for different series, the corresponding minimum operating voltage is also different. You can refer to SONiX 8-Bit MCU Data Sheet (Electrical Characteristic section) for more information.
      2. The low operating voltage for SONIX MCU is mainly affected by the operating frequency. When the operating frequency is higher, the minimum operating voltage is higher correspondingly; otherwise will reduced.

    • .What is the specific meaning for ViL/ViH in SONIX MCU electrical characteristic?

      ◆ ViL——when I/O port is input mode, the input voltage changes from 0 to VDD, once MCU reads the value of the change from 0 to 1, its corresponding input voltage is ViL, the input low.
      ◆ ViH——when I/O port is input mode, the input voltage changes from VDD to 0,once MCU reads the value of the change from 1 to 0, its corresponding input voltage is ViH, the input high.

      ※ Note: When the input voltage ranges between ViL and ViH, such as ViL / ViH is 0.3VDD/0.7VDD, when the input voltage is 0.5VDD, MCU I/O port level is uncertain, user should take measures to avoid this situation.